Plein Air Easels

Plein Air Easels

Plein Air Easels come basically in two different varieties french style and pochade style or cigar box style.  Quality examples of both types. The easels I have are quality products and affordable. When you want something that will last for years and not break the bank.

French Style Easels

Plein Air Easel Tri Pod Paint BoxPlein Air Easel French Style EaselStudent French Style EaselPrice $108.00 Description

This full french easel is well built for the hobbist or starting professional it is made with elm hardwood, to last for years.
with telescoping front legs and a braced back leg. This easel has removable
compartments for storage, and an adjustable lid and canvas handle.*Includes: 11 inch x 16 inch wooden palette
*Maximum easel height: 69.5 inches
*Maximum canvas height: 33 inches
*Weight: 14 pounds when empty
*Folded size: 16 inches x 22 inches

Plein Air Easel Tri Pod Paint BoxPlein Air Julian Style easel Julian Original French Style EaselPrice$ 259.99 Description

This is the original easel designed by Roger Jullian in 1945. It is made for the serious and avid hobbist or professional plein air artist. It is made entirely of white natural dried Beech wood. It is put together with lifetime rivets (not screws). Only brass and brass plated non-tarnishing hardware is used, plus as a bonus you get a linen shoulder strap, finished 12 x 16″ wood palette and leather wrapped handle. The sketch box drawer has an easy to clean chrome metal interior divided into 3 sections. The easel box also has a chrome lined interior to protect against accidental spills. The sketch box may be used to hold canvases or watercolor paper up to 32″ high at a vertical or horizontal position. When folded the easel measures 6-1/2 x 16 x 21-1/2″. Weights  13lbs. Accepts Multi-Boxes for multimedia use in and out of the studio.*Hold canvases or watercolor paper up to 32″ high.
*The finest brass and brass-plated hardware won’t tarnish.
*Solid beech construction with lifetime rivets, not screws.
*Includes linen shoulder strap, finished 12 x 16″ wood   palette and leather wrapped handle.
*Easel box has a chrome lined interior to protect against accidental spills.

Pochade boxes

Pochade boxes are more portable than french style easels. They for smaller paintings up to 12 x 16 depending on the type of pochade you have. Designed for the avid plein air adventurer to be taken on trips and excursions. They are usually attached to the camera tripod. The tripod is not included.

 Guerilla Plein Air Box EaselPlein Air Easel Cigar Box8″ x 10″ inch Guerilla Box Plein Air EaselCigar BoxPrice 189.99


A well built, no nonsense 8×10″ pochade box with unbeatable features designed
for maximum lightweight efficiency. Holds painting panels 8×10″ or smaller.
The Adapter Set allows you to work on 5×7″ and 6×8″ panels within the lid of
the box.*Outside dimensions, not including hardware, measure 10x13x3.5″
*Beechwood construction
*Weighs only 3.5 lbs
*Has a built-in tripod mount
*Accommodates 9×12″ Guerrilla Box accessories

Guerilla Plein Air Box

Plein Air Painting Easel Pochade Box

12″ x 9″ inch Guerilla Box Plein Air Easel

Price 189.99


Features a rugged, lightweight construction made from strong basswood plywood. This construction will not crack or split, and an elegant oil finish helps further its durability. Only exterior glue, stainless steel screws and aluminum hardware are used, ensuring that the box will not rust over time. All media box holds 2 to 4 wet panels, stretched canvas, watercolor blocks or pastel pads. Includes clips for vertical and oversized panels.Adjustable lid bracket positively locks in any position over a full 180 degree range with only one wing nut. Three large storage compartments allow room for brushes, supplies and more than 10 tubes of paint. Tripod mount is an aluminum plate with stainless steel inset, designed to withstand the most demanding field conditions.

*With leather harness handle.

*Dimensions -13″ L x 10″ W x 5.25″ D

*Weight 5.5 lbs

Guerilla Painter Plein Air EaselMedium French Resistance
Plein Air Easel Pochade Box 13″ x 10″ Plein Air EaselPrice $ 234.99
DescriptionMedium French Resistance

Say goodbye to your French Easel forever. This easel gives you the freedom and flexibility of a French Easel without all of the hassle. 2 in 1 design allows you to paint any size panel or canvas from 4” x 6” up to      16” x 20” and carry it home.Can be used with a standard camera tripod or on a tabletop. Paint can be placed directly on the inside front or use any one of four other palette options (see accessories in right column). Rugged, lightweight construction.

Made of strong basswood laminate with stainless steel screws and aluminum hardware – no cracking or splitting! Complete with leather handle,
storage compartments, telescoping mast and a universal tripod mount built into the bottom.

*Total Dimensions: 10” x13” x3”
*Weight: 3lbs